[Burning Man] Paul M.'s BM Pix
Welcome to my small-ish collection of snaps taken at my virginal Burning Man experience. Kisses, etc to Victoria for putting up with me on midday Sunday when most were taken.
Once you're in each of the sections, click on the *'s to view a full size pic. They're all pre-loaded in each section so they should come up pretty fast.
Camp A couple of shots of the camp with DJ Jaffe in session.
Playa Ambient Playa landscape shots.
Denizens Many and varied are those that inhabit the playa at Burning Man. Here's a tiny insight...
Spiraliens A very few of our bestest friends.
Signs A few amusing signs posts. Check out the Family Camping one!
Get About You don't have to walk around the playa...

Take a tour of the Playa! Requires a cool browser.
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