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Truck Rental

From: Colin Panisset
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 14:16:59 -0700
Subject: Truck rentals

I've just booked (way in advance) a truck for Moonbase Nevada; I've reserved a 10' yellow Ryder, which will be just big enough to carry our stuff (so we won't be able to take any extras, sorry) -- thought some others could find the info useful.

I looked on www.yellowtruck.com, plugged in my zip code (for a "local" move, which means you return the truck to where you rented it from), and called each of the resulting Ryder franchises in turn. Costs varied hugely between franchises; anything from $1400 to $860 for the same time period and distance.

They vary their daily and per-mile rates; so know how far you're going, and have a calculator handy when you call. They all have the same insurance coverage options, though, at the same rates. Briefly, the insurance options are as follows:

  • cargo & passenger cover:
    • $6.50 / day
    • $45.50 / week
  • truck damage cover:
    • waiver (excess) of $250:
      • $15 / day
      • $105 / week
    • waiver (excess) of $0:
      • $20 / day
      • $140 / week
  • 3rd party vehicle & property damage cover:
    • $14 / day
    • $98 / week
I ended up booking from ALAMEDA AUTO LAB, in Alameda (no, really?) +1 510 769 8171, $40/day, $0.35/mile

Some depots have weird daily pricing structures; generally, the more busy a depot is, the more they'll charge you in daily rates for peak times, like weekends.

Hope someone finds this useful.


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