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Oasis 2001 Budget

Here is the budget for Spiral's 2001 playa fun. It only details the thing we actually have to shell out cold, hard cash for as opposed to what is coming out to the desert that Spiral owned before (e.g. a generator) and what everyone is individually bringing on their own.

This year has been quite extraordinary with people collectively hauling, load sharing and providing on their own as well as some very frugal choices of things to buy & rent. We have saved on not renting a truck ($1,000 or so), bought a generator cheaply from Tony (last year the generator rental was $2,000), haven't rented a large tent, instead bought a smaller compact version (the big tent is $900 to rent each year).

Result: tiny budget, low annual fee!

The Scoop

We had originally estimated around 50 people at $40 each (over $20 less than last year). With this estimate the budget comes in around $2,000. About $1,550 is specifically accounted for in terms of Things We Are Definitely Spending Money On™. There is an additional $250 in contingency. This can cover anything from damage to people's equipment (e.g. sound systems) to last minute emergencies. That leaves around $150-$200 unaccounted for.

So.. We would like Spiral to spend it! If you have an idea for a last minute fun communal thing then perhaps we can help pay for it. This might include: bodypaints, banners, glittery nail polish, or some piece of art you're putting in a central spot. Anything that you can share with the rest of Spiral. Email Paul ASAP to figure it out. First come, first served!

Break it down!

Thing Details Person Damage
Truck Sub-renting a proportion (est. 20%) of the moonbase truck Colin P. chez Moonbase $200
Power Generator & two marine batteries bought Paul M. c/o Tony P. $420
Gasoline 20 gallons estimated Jeff W., Mark P., who else? $50
Tent 20' x 10' white carport-style chill space Colin & Nancy $163
Cocktails Vast collection of stuff Matt C. $250 - $300
Barrel Highly decorated burn barrel, rented Kate S. $120
Domain name Spiraloasis.org registration fees since 1998 Paul M. $105
Decoration Lighting, paints, rugs, dancefloor, etc Alicia S., Jeff W. & others $250
Projects Spiral shareables Bueller? $140
Contingency Emergency fund Paul M. $250


"Just the thought of being with you tomorrow is enough to get me through today."
-- Anon.
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