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Communal structures

  • Chill tent and DJ booth
  • Common furnishings: anyone have chairs, tables, carpets, beanbags, mattresses etc. that they can donate/bring?
  • How shall we decorate? If we have a 7 ages theme, the chill space should tie in...
  • Are we trampolining?
  • Will there be Doron's sky ticklers this year?
  • Anything else?

Autonomy and interaction

We've had great feedback re. last year's potlucks and the need for more interaction between groups, and also feedback about the need for autonomy/light organization. Both should be encouraged! Here are some ideas for optional things that people can attend or not:
  • Optional potluck breakfasts daily: wander back at sunrise and hang out as sleeping SOUL people wake up and drift over to breakfast. Mingle or observe; make plans for the day or berate people for making plans. Go back to sleep, or strike out across the playa with someone you've just met over coffee.
  • Informal cocktail hour (some communal booze?) to oil each evening's wheels (not replacing the annual Interesting Tea Dance and Cocktail Party, of course): if you're around, have booze, and can wave a shaker, come and cluster. I can make Pimm's. Paul can drink it.
  • Communal food preparation area
  • Make the space in front of your enclave communal and welcoming: beanbags, sunshades, hammocks, recliners and reclinees.
  • All the world's a stage - and the Bard wrote it. How about, on Wednesday or Thursday night, we gather for a reading of a favorite Shakespeare play by firelight? If you think this is a good idea, we'll set up a means for you to suggest and vote on plays. I always love a good tragedy, myself, but your call...
Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

SOUL parties

  • Cocktail party (Friday, the day before the Burn)
  • How about we make some special tags (or Spiral bracelets) that we give out during the week as we wander the City that give admission to the people we've particularly connected with?
  • Mark, will there be a Tea Dance on Friday?
  • If there's something you'd like to do to amaze and amuse, let us know and we'll add it to the social calendar


"Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact."
-- Marlene Dietrich
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