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People: Attendees
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Burning Man Regular
Peter Kennard travelling by camper VAN from LA Richard Cardran travelling w/Peter Kennard James Curnow , travelling in car from SF Steve Piasecki Travelling solo, SUV from E-ville.
Member of Swirling Event Horizon-The Attractor Basin of the Outer Spiral Arm http://www.luxnoir.com/jcurnow/events/swirlevent/swirlho.htm
Mark Pesce travelling by SUV from SF The Naked Pesce Shirt, on ThE ShRIKe, somewhere on the playa Gregory Pleshaw strapped on Pesce's roof. W. Jason Naylor from LA Jessica Simon from LA Todd Walker from LA Paulpod :-p Paul Makepeace Brad Pitt (and Jen) Kate Seekings travelling by RV from Seattle Jennifer Morris sharing RV w/Kate Kinga Czerska sharing RV w/Kate Mike Roberts via expresso w/Kate Sylvia Szabo sharing RV w/Kate Sir William Henshall, Esq. + 4 inmates, travelling by RV from San Francisco Hein Hoven + 2 special guests, travelling from Ibiza Barney Fitzhardinge Moonbase car #4 from SF "Big" Iain Chalmers Moonbase car #4 from SF Colin Panisset Moonbase car #1 from SF Jeremy Lawrence Moonbase car #2 from SF Jeremy Fitzhardinge Moonbase car #4 from SF Kathryn Aaker Linc Madison Matthew Crosby Moonbase car #3 from SF Nancy Goudy Moonbase car #1 from SF Sam Marshall Moonbase car #1 from SF Jodie Clark-Smith Moonbase car #1 from SF Paula Wilson Moonbase truck Rachel Chalmers On a pony with wings of flame (Moonbase car #5?) redlum79@hotmail.com Paul G Moonbase truck Tori Swann Moonbase car #3 from SF Emily Brayshaw Moonbase car #2 from SF June Cunningham Chris Connor John Bates + Holly? KriZ + 3 travelling via hire car from SF Rich Felix Spot Draves Alicia Sebastian

jellyfishKen Berger by car from SF arrive Thurs nt, camp in tent w/ "=w=" Nikki Ueda =w= Natsuko Kitagawa =w= June Nagao =w= by car from SF arrive early Thurs. Jay Bain =w= by car from SF arrive early Thurs. ajp - thursday afternon


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Karen Marcelo  van from SF (if i go...) - aw, c'mon Karen....
David Baxter 
Axel Roselius 
Spencer Knowles
Tim Martin and Tommy BigFinger in a '73 VW Bus

Nearby CAmperS

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Jeff Wishnie (camping with Rhythm Society) 
Jenny Fong (camping with Rhythm Society) 

Paul King (camping with Rhythm Society)

No way

ThE ShRiKe, wItH NekKiD GrRlS, BuhT nOt eNUff 'em (@ the Solo Collective, 5:00 / Enlightenment)

Coco Conn, leaving LA 8/23 for SF by car then catching a ride on the Boomtruck to the Playa. (camping with HappyL&nd @ 2:30/Esplanade and with Grant & Tanya. Timothy Childs (camping w/ Mad Scientists) 6:30 / Esplanade


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