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Burning Man stuff

Good places to buy good stuff to take to Burning Man. Suggestions? Mail bmstuff@spiraloasis.org.

Glow sticks

From: Mark Pesce

I just bought a buncha glowsticks (5" 100x for $60, mixed colors) from
Extreme Glow

Also, Terrrrr Shop sell bracelets, and 6" sticks for about a buck a piece.

Even more:

From: Matthew Crosby

I got our camp's glowsticks from http://www.glowstickfactory.com/ which
seemed at the time to have about the best prices of the mail order
vendors I looked at.  They arrived promptly, and the one I tested out
worked just fine.

Electro-luminescent (EL) Wire

Funhouse Productions in Berkeley, California. Also check out CooLight who are in the Bay Area.

From: KriZ

The cheapest I've found is www.coolight.com
They have a top secret BM only area with really cheap prices.
Instructions were in the last BM mail-out:
from http://www.coolight.com/
click on "photo gallery"
click on "freeform"
scroll all the way to the bottom.
line your cursor up with the left hand border of the last image, drop down
and move your cursor till you see the cursor change to signify a hyperlink.


Check out Screen Face. (c/o Emily Brayshaw)


Check our solar page.

Car ports

These make excellent chill-spaces and group tents.

From: Nancy Goudy

South San Francisco Costco has them this year (or was it Daly City?) but
the SF one never does. Call them beforehand to see if they have any
left. The one we picked up was particularly huge (10'X20').


Colin posted some very useful truck rental research.


From: Karen

i got my photon lights
and a lot of the alien sex inflated furniture from eparties.com or something similar (i'll
have to verify/look it up at home...)


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